If you arrive by train,
You can take bus nr. 7 (St. Pieter) from Maastricht station to the Glacisweg. From there it is a five minute walk to our house. The trip by cab is much faster and will cost around EUR 10,- If you do not have too much luggage, you can also consider to walk. It will take around 20-25 minutes to get to our house.

If you arrive by car,

When you approach Maastricht keep right and follow the signs Maastricht City Centre. Not Maastricht South because then you'll end up in the tunnel to Belgium. Follow direction ‘wijk 11 t/m 19, Hasselt. The B&B is in Wijk 12. Once you’re on the Kennedy Bridge you take the first exit on the right after you've crossed the river. Turn left at the traffic light. You’ll get to a two lane street with smaller parallel streets on both sides. Take the smaller street on the right and follow it until you get to a big red house. Before the house there is a street going up on your right hand side. That’s the Bergweg. We live on the left side, number 15.