Number of rooms






Two, each with private bathroom with bath/shower, AC, tv, wifi, free coffee and tea. Shared pantry with refrigerator and microwave/oven.

Two bikes per room, free of charge.


minimum stay two nights, except last minute


Monday - Wednesdag

Sunday and Thursday

Friday, Saturday, special events


Last minute (from 7 days before arrival except fr and sat)

city tax 

€ 99,00 per room per night


€ 109,00 per room per night

€ 129,00 per room per night



10% discount


€ 2,50 per person per night






André Rieu July 2024 

André Rieu December


€ 129 - 200. Longer  stays on request.




€ 245 per night

€ 225 per night




Discount except on weekends, holidays and special events: starting from the 3rd night € 2,50 per night, from the 5th night  € 5,00 per night, from the 7th night € 10 per night. For longer stays please email the owner. Only valid for direct bookings. Please mention at request.



The use of the bikes, AC, coffee, tea and WiFi included, no breakfast served

minimum stay two nights, except last minute 
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